The Hyundai Accent Has Your Favorite Apps

With its affordability, reliability, and more interior space than it has ever had before, it is not a surprise that the athletic Hyundai Accent is one of the most popular compact cars out there. There are several things about this vehicle that could pique one's interest.

While the Hyundai Accent is not only about modern technology, it is also about bringing the driver a sense of familiarity. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you will be able to take apps from your favorite Smartphone such as Apple Music, Google Maps, and iMessage. 

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Cars of the Future – The Infotainment Console and You

Here in Lynchburg, everyone appreciates technological innovation when it comes to their vehicle. Smarter engines, better safety features, nicer interiors – we’re not ashamed to appreciate modern accoutrements when it comes to our transportation. One feature that everyone is very interested in, most people don’t know what to call. Some refer to it as a dashboard display, others refer to it as smart features, but the actual catchall term for this is the infotainment system.

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Hyundai Kona - Why Buy?

If you’ve been thinking of buying an SUV but like the comfort and performance of a car, why not consider the Hyundai Kona, a popular crossover that gives you the best of both worlds. It’s comfortable, economical, performs well and is just an all-around great value vehicle. Stop at Craft Hyundai and check out the many models on display.

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Why You Should Take Advantage of a Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Drivers want value and quality, and when you go with a Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, you can have both. Our program has been recognized by the industry as being a top consumer choice.

You can buy our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles with confidence, knowing that we have comprehensive warranty coverage. You'll be offered the remainder of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty on the vehicle, which is valid for five years or 60,000 miles. Additionally, you'll qualify for a limited powertrain warranty.  

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How Does the New Hyundai Veloster Stack Up?

Choosing a new vehicle can be tough, but having timely information on the latest models can make the decision much easier. The newly redesigned Hyundai Veloster offers an array of interior and exterior amenities that are certain to appeal to almost every driver, and the latest edition of this popular coupe is affordably priced.

A fully adjustable driver’s seat comes standard, and backseat passengers have access to rear cup holders and a spacious storage console. 

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Rain Driving 101

Driving in the rain can be tough- especially if you are lucky enough to live in a part of the country without much rain. Not only is visibility impacted, but rain can also bring up oil and other fluids trapped in the ground. This can lead to slick roadways and car accidents. However, if you follow a few basic tips, you should be able to avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with driving in the rain.

It is very important to make sure to reduce your speed as much as possible. Typically, you want to go 10 to 15…

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Extreme Temperatures Can Affect the Automotive Battery

It can be important to check the charge on your car battery as part of your regular vehicle maintenance. But, when is a good time to check the battery? As extreme temperatures can negatively affect the life of the battery either directly or indirectly, it is often a good idea to check the battery in the spring and in the fall.

Very cold temperatures can cause the capacity of a battery to be lowered. In the cold, starters can have increased amperage demands, which will, in turn, increase the demand on the battery. Thicker engine oil in the winter months…

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Hyundai Santa Fe is Both Roomy and Safe

Are you looking for a crossover SUV that stands out from the crowd? That vehicle is the Hyundai Santa Fe, with design cues that place a premium on space and style. It's one of the most popular vehicles on our lot, thanks to its NHTSA five-star safety ratings along with its designation as a Top Safety Pick+ by IIHS.

Stand out features don't stop there. The Santa Fe has superior interior volume with enough seating to fit up to seven passengers comfortably and has more leg room in the third row than many similar vehicles. You'll also…

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Hyundai Accent is Loaded with Cutting-Edge Standard Features

Style, technology and safety that fits easily into a standard parking space are what the Hyundai Accent is all about. This popular compact car has a variety of cutting-edge features that make it popular with couples and young families.

When you buy an Accent, you get the latest connective technology via Android Auto and Apple Car Play, giving you immediate access to the latest maps, music, texts and many of your favorite apps. You'll also get a host of standard safety features, along with the best powertrain warranty in the United States that covers your car for 10 years…

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Choosing the Right Warranty for Your Car

Automotive warranties are important, but it’s even more important to know what type of warranty you’re getting. If you have warranty-related questions, stop at Craft Hyundai and get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Most warranties are either powertrain warranties or bumper-to-bumper or a combination of both. It’s important to know the difference...

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