Keep Your Pet Safe When on the Road

If you have a furry family member, you likely routinely take your pet on the road in your car. If that is the case, there are some strategies you need to employ to keep your companion animal safe when you’re driving about.

When traveling by car with a pet make certain you have a proper carrier, crate, or barrier to keep your furry family member contained and safe when you’re on the move. Never let your pet roam about your vehicle when you’re motoring. In addition, never let your pet sit on your lap when you’re driving.

Some vehicles are more pet-friendly than others. If you’re considering purchasing a pet-friendly car, truck, or SUV, the friendly professionals at Craft Hyundai are eager to assist. We’re conveniently located in Lynchburg, VA and can assist you in finding an ideal vehicle for you and your pet for a test drive.

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