Sliding on Snowy Roads

Driving in the winter can be a bit tricky. You need to monitor the roadways for snow and ice if there is precipitation in the area. While you're driving in Lynchburg, VA, you need to slow down when possible so that you allow yourself enough time to come to a stop.

Pay attention to your brakes. Craft Hyundai can examine them to determine if they are anti-lock brakes or if they are a different design. When you need to brake, gently step on the pedal until you come to a stop. If possible, try not to stop on snowy or icy roads. Instead, try to slow down enough so that you can drive through stoplights.

While driving up hills, don't try to quickly accelerate. This can result in sliding or spinning your wheels, which could then lead to running off the side of the road. Once you're able to get up a hill, keep going until you reach the top so that you don't slide back down.

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