Invest in a Set of Winter Tires

When winter comes and the snow starts falling, you should change out your tires to prolong the life of your regular tires and get the most traction while driving on icy, winter roads. You might be thinking about your next set of winter tires, but you might not know all about the different types of winter tires that are available. At Craft Hyundai in Lynchburg, VA, we're excited to tell you about how the right winter tires can best protect your vehicle and give you more traction.

One type of winter tires that you might consider is a tire that's made for conditions that are snowy but often cleared. These tires are great when you need some traction for when you hit a patch of ice.

If you're frequently driving through heavy snow and ice, you might prefer a set of tires that have studs for extra grip. Some tires even give you the option of taking them off when you don't need them.

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