The Increase of Rodent Problems in Vehicles

Rodent damages in vehicles have been going on for a long time. However, there has been an increase in the occurrences of these types of damages even though there have been advancements in technology and additions to fuel sources. However, this has only increased the number of damages caused by rodents.

One factor is the use of plant-based biodegradable fuel. Given the prevalence of this type of occurrence, there have been a lot of solutions that people have come up with. Among the solutions that people have thought about is putting hot sauce or other spicy things on the wire.

Other solutions include covering the wire with mesh so that the rodents are unable to get into the vehicle. Mousetraps and getting rid of hiding spots are also effective. If you have rodent damage in your vehicle, then you can take it to Craft Hyundai and get it fixed with insurance coverage.

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