Cars of the Future – The Infotainment Console and You

Here in Lynchburg, everyone appreciates technological innovation when it comes to their vehicle. Smarter engines, better safety features, nicer interiors – we’re not ashamed to appreciate modern accoutrements when it comes to our transportation. One feature that everyone is very interested in, most people don’t know what to call. Some refer to it as a dashboard display, others refer to it as smart features, but the actual catchall term for this is the infotainment system.

In all reality, the climate control, gauge readout panel, and sound system controls have always been referred to as the infotainment system, at least since the 1980s. However, this term has had greater meaning since the advent of dashboard displays with GPS, Internet conductivity, music and video playback, and hands-free voice and video communications.

We’ve always been interested in this sort of technology existing in our cars, and since we can’t really disconnect ourselves from the Internet even while on the road these days, this has become a major deciding factor in choosing vehicles. To learn more about infotainment systems, and what the big computing companies out there are doing to bring their technology to you through these sophisticated developments, come visit us at Craft Hyundai today.

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