Here Is Why to Routinely Change Fluids at Craft Hyundai

Every single vehicle on the face of planet earth – at least vehicles that are currently running – have several kinds of liquids inside of them. Without these liquids, gears would grain against each other, engines would break apart, and other pieces of your vehicle would fall apart, deteriorate, and otherwise “kick the bucket.”

Engine oil is replaced, give or take, every 6,000 miles. Whenever you change oil, check the transmission fluid. If it doesn’t smell burnt, don’t change it until you’ve driven 100,000 miles after the last time you swapped transmission fluid out. Radiator fluid – also known as coolant – keeps your vehicle from getting too hot to function appropriately. It’s replaced every few years and only checked when cold turns to hot, and hot turns to cold outside.

It’s OK to not know about all of a vehicle’s important fluids, as such is indicative that you’re either a car buff or a mechanic. Let our team at Craft Hyundai replace them for you.

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